Life Insurance Claims

At Hoffman Law, we understand how difficult and devastating it can be to lose a loved one or family member. Dealing with insurance companies and claims is often the last thing any family member wants to do during a period of loss and grieving, let alone deal with a denial, or non-payment of life insurance proceeds by the insurance company.

Life insurance policies can be purchased by individuals, or offered by an employer through a group policy. It is always purchased with the assumption that one that individual passes away, their loved ones and beneficiaries will be taken care of financially.

Unfortunately, life insurance claims can often be denied. Do not assume the insurance company is correct in denying your claim! Do not accept a refusal by the insurance company to pay out a claim!

It is important to seek legal advice immediately if you, as a beneficiary of a policy, have submitted a claim for life insurance benefits, and the claim was denied.

The lawyers at Hoffman Law have assisted many clients whose life insurance claims were denied, and helped them successfully resolve their claims.

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