Brokers Negligence Claims

Many people in Ontario utilize the services of an insurance broker to help them with purchasing insurance. Insurance brokers can often bundle services for your car, home and life insurance and create a service that people often find useful and helpful. However, when it comes time to make a claim, often people discover that their insurance broker may have inadvertently and negligently provided services to that don’t provide them with adequate insurance coverage, or any proper insurance at all.

Brokers are certified professionals with an obligation to not only inform you of your insurance policy options, but to also anticipate your needs to the type and quantity of insurance coverage. If a broker fails to recommend a policy that adequately covers your insurance needs, or fails to notify you if one of your insurance policies has expired, they could be liable for losses you have suffered as a result of inadequate coverage.   

If you have found yourself without proper insurance coverage, and suspect this could be due to a brokers negligence, you should consult Hoffman Law. Our lawyers have extensive experience successfully representing clients in various broker negligence claims.

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